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Remodeling video

   Ever wonder how a fur coat is made? Here's a link to a wonderful video by the TV Show How It's Made. You'll learn about fur techniques like shearing, grooving and more.
Click on the picture to watch the video!

fur cleaning

Fur Tanning
   Fur has to go trough tanning before beign changed into a garment. Tanning is the process of turning a pelt into leather. Here's a link to a wonderful video by the TV Show    How It's Made.

Fur storage

Outerwear Fashion and Fur Specialist since 1963

Welcome! We have some great packages deals for you, whether it is for Fur Storage , Fur Cleaning or Fur Repair in our fur care menu. We guarantee that our fur services are the best you could give to your wonderful fur coat. We invite you to read our client's testimonials to learn more about the Franks Furs experience!

We are professional furriers who provide expert advice on maintaining your fur coat. For over 45 years, our company has satisfied hundreds of clients in making sure their fur coats keep looking good and luxurious.

In addition, we just launched our new Blog at Fur Doctors. Please feel free to see what we put together . We included even more information on furs and all the services that we provide to our clients. Topics from fur repairs, to learning more about speciality wools like cashmere, angora and other luxury garments.   

Information on Fur Repairs, Fur Cleaning or Fur Storage

Fur Storage Fur Cleaning Fur Repair Coat Remodeling
Fur storage Fur Cleaning Fur Repair Fur Remodeling
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