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Questions about sending your Coat?

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Frequentyl Asked Questions!

How do I send my coat? How safe is it?
We recommend to our clients to ship their coats using either a courier like FeDex or UPS, or using USPS (in Canada, Canada Post). The most economical method is to ship by ground and it should cost no more than $20-$25 and it should not take more than 6-10 business. Both methods are extremely safe, and your coat is under our insurance protection once it is in our possession.

Does it make a difference if I am sending it from the United States? Is there any delay at the border?
There is absolutely no problem to ship your coat, for any of our services, from the United States. We receive coats from all over North America and we do not experience any delays or issues at the Canadian-US border. However, we recommend to all our clients to indicate on the box the reason for shipping. For example: "Sending for Fur Repairs". This helps the processing of the parcel and avoids any delays.

How long does it take to repair or clean a fur coat? How long would I have to wait before my fur coat is returned?
In general, repairs are completed and returned within 2-3 weeks from the time we receive the coat for assessment. As for cleaning, the cleaning process takes 3 days, and then shipped back immediately.

What if the fur coat can not be repaired after it was reviewed by our master furrier? Do I have to pay for the return shipment?
No, you do not pay for the return shipment if your fur coat can not be repaired. Our process is to call you as soon as it arrives and discuss what repairs are required. Once we have that information, our master furrier will examine the coat and inform you about the cost and time. If you do not wish to proceed, then your fur coat is returned to you at no additional costs.

Do I need to send money with my parcel when sending my coat to be serviced? How do I pay for any of the services?
Please DO NOT send any money with your fur coat. We have two methods of payment, you can either pay using our PayPal website, or we can process over the telephone using our PayPal virtual terminal.

What are the costs for any of the fur services (ex: storage, repairs, and cleaning)
The cost for any fur coat repairs or fur coat remodeling varies from job to job. However, most fur repairs start at $70 and can go up to $500. Fur coat remodeling, shearing and dying does take a longer time, approx. 3 weeks, and as a result, is more costly. Fur coat remodeling varies from $800 to $1500.
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