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Our Environmental Policy EcoFurLogo

Dear Customer,

We, at Frank's Furs believe that wildlife management through sustainable harvesting practices is indispensable for the improvement of animal welfare and important for a healthy balance of our ecosystem. Our concerns towards wildlife conservation and the environment, has led us to establish an environmental policy which will guide our practices. These policies are:

- Frank's Furs will only do business with fur harvesters and suppliers that behave and respect the policies of the International Fur Federation agreement of 1997. These policies establish human treatment and harvesting of animals whether animals are being trapped because they are considered a danger to public safety, a nuisance, or for their fur and nutritional values.

- Frank's Furs will do its outmost effort to promote and select only recycled furs in designing and creating their garments.

- Frank's Furs will not buy or sales fur from endangered species.

- Frank's Furs will only utilize wildlife animals which are of abundance in Canada and accordance with national and provincial wildlife management legislations.

Please review the following letters from several provincial and national authorities who have endorsed the fur industry in Canada. (Sources provided by the fur council of Canada)
Alberta Environmental Protection (Office of the Minister Responsible for Forests, Parks and Wildlife)
British Columbia (Minister of the Environment)
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador (Department of Forest Resources & Agrifoods, Inland Fish and Wildlife Division)
Ontario (Fish & Wildlife Branch)
Quebec (Department of Natural Resources and Wildlife)
Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment)

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