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"Everything old is new again!"

The exciting fur you bought a few years ago can be reworked into a totally new style. Just lowering the armhole or softening the shoulder can make a comfortable difference for an updated look.

If you no longer love that exciting fur you bought five or twenty years ago, we can adjust or rework it (remodeling experts) into a more comfortable fur in a modified or a totally new style.

When it comes to remodeling a fur coat, there are several types of alterations that can done:

Length The most popular remodeling feature is to shorten to length of the coat. Length of coat varies, however the trendy preference is "European" length, which is slightly longer than a regular fur jacket.
Style It is very common for older style coats to have a straight cut along the body of the coat. One remodeling option is to give it more "flare", also know as a "swing" coat. This gives the coat a suppler feel and fashionable style.
Color Changing to color is always a very frequent choice, especially with client`s inheriting older style coats such as Blue Irish mink or Pastel mink coats. Fur can be dyed into basically any color and give you a more modern "hip" look.
Sheering Nothing can change more the look of a coat than sheering. Sheering is the process of shaving the top surface of the fur, leaving an incredibly soft velvety-like fur. This is popular with longer hair furs such as: beaver, mink and muskrat. The result makes the coat less bulky and softer feeling than the traditional fur coat.
   Cuffs and Collar
Cuffs and Collar Remodeling cuffs and collars are the easiest way to change the look of the coat because it is up to your imagination. Not only can a more modern style be applied to the cuffs and collar, but it is very trendy to use different types of furs. For example, fox fur can be used to create the collar and cuffs on a mink coat. As a result, it gives it a younger looking coat without compromising the elegance of the coat.

Remodeling Samples

Before After Marine Mink Coat
Fur <b>Remodeling</b> pictures
Fur <b>Remodeling</b>
Fur coat<b>Remodeling</b>
Fur coats <b>Remodeling</b>
<b>Remodeling</b> fur

We received a request from a client who had the fur coat for over 20 years.

Because she always took good care of the coat, the fur was still very beautiful and in very good condition. However, after so many years of the wearing the same style, she decided she wanted to refresh the look of her coat without investing too much.

We suggested remodeling the coat into a more modern and casual look. We first shorten the coat to a "European" length and dyed the fur in a marine blue color. We sheered the fur to give it "velour" feel to the coat. As well, we changed the cuffs and the collar by adding some "grooving" details on the edges.

The client was ecstatic with the changes, and could not believe her eyes with the changes. .

Take a closer look at some of the before and after pictures of this coat.
Before After Natural Beaver Coat
fur remodeling
fur remodeling samples
fur remodeling pictures
fur remodeling pictures
fur remodeling pictures
fur remodeling pictures

Revive the look of beaver fur with elegance!

In this sample, our client inherited a long beaver fur coat. The coat was bought sometime in the 1980's, approximately 25 years ago by her mother. Fortunately for our client, beaver fur has a long span life and because the coat was maintained, it could be remodeled.

We started the remodeling process by shortening the length of the coat to just below the hips. We then sheered the surface level fur to remove most of the worn hair. The collar and cuffs styles were redone to give them more posture. Finally, we added a little decorative design for uniqueness.

Take a closer look at some of the before and after pictures of this coat.
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