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If you would like more information fur repair and remodeling, please feel free to contact us at cservice@franksfurs.com or call us toll free at 1-800-663-3877.

"A stitch in time saves nine". Periodic small fur repair will add years of beautiful new looking life to your valuable fur. Removing worn edges from the cuffs and collar, or replacing the fur on the elbows can make a tired fur look and feel brand new again.

Time and cost to repair your fur coat depends on the degree of your fur repair that are needed. But on average, most repairs can be completed within one week from the time we receive your coat. In addition, whether the fur repair is big or small, the process of repairing your coat involves removing the coat's lining and carefully examining the quality of the skin and fur before any repairs are started. Sometimes the skins can be too old or too dry due to poor maintenance to be repaired. If our fur experts cannot repair the coat, then we will return the coat back to you at no additional fees.

Your fur coat, fur jacket, fur cape, fur stole or even your fur collar are precious and can provide you with years of joy. Care for such and bring for repair as soon as you notice a slight rip, tear or other sign of excessive wear - visit us and we will inspect and tell you how to care for your valuable fur, shearling, leather and specialty outerwear.

If you no longer love that exciting fur you bought five or twenty years ago, we can adjust or rework it into a more comfortable fur in a modified or a totally new style. Please look at our remodeling examples to learn more.


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